Reward and Recognition

Reward and Recognition

Reward and recognition plays a key role in attracting and retaining staff. EmpowerHR can provide solutions to ensure your company attracts and retains the best people. Our areas of expertise include:

Benchmarking remuneration
Introducing Staff Well-being Programmes
Drafting of Retention and Reward Strategies

Why Rewarding Staff and Giving Recognition is Important

1. Reduced Turnover
By rewarding and providing recognition for your staff, your company will have a reduced turnover due to staff feeling appreciated for their efforts.
2. Better Customer Service
If staff don’t feel appreciated or not getting rewarded for their work that could lead to them being unhappy when dealing with customers, which could then start impacting negatively on sales, if customers are dealing with unhappy staff.
3. Staff Morale
Staff morale is one of the most critical aspects of a company. If the staff morale is high, the company will reap the benefits of staff working hard, showing creativity and enjoying their work. However, if staff morale is low, staff productivity will be much lower.

How EmpowerHR Can Help

EmpowerHR have a wide range of experience in helping businesses with their reward and recognition processes. We will analyse the staff to see what’s important to the staff members. Staff might simply feel more appreciated for their work if their employer treated them to a few drinks after work, a staff member of the month award, gift vouchers for good work, or by introducing ‘Yoga Wednesdays’ into work. The ways you can show your staff recognition are endless but it’s important to know that these will differ from company to company, so it’s important to select the right one that staff will appreciate.

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