Performance Management

Effective people and performance management presents an ongoing challenge for companies, particularly in a continuously changing environment. The misalignment of your people management strategy and your business strategy can have a significant negative impact not just with your employees, but also on the success of any organisational change initiatives.

We review existing systems and make recommendations for change based on our experience of best practice. We help companies develop and grow in line with their business strategy and draw upon our expertise and experience across key sectors and companies.


Performance Management Cycle

Performance Management can involve a lot of paperwork exercises at times which employers and employees do not like, but it is a very engaging process when it’s done correctly because it brings value to both to the employer and employees. For an employee it is recognition of what they’ve being doing and they then feel valued through a really good performance management process. For the employer, reviewing more frequently means that both the employees and employers start planning and the executing the objectives put in place.

Benefits of Performance Management

1. Drives improved business results
2. Improves productivity
3. Shared understanding of business strategy
4. Motivates, engages & builds morale
5. Enhanced communication
6. Drives organisational improvements