Organisational Design and Development

Organisational Design is the framework through which a company aims to realise its full potential. This is done by arranging the functions and people into specific areas and levels of responsivity, decision making and relationships to accomplish the vision and strategy of the business.

Leadership, management, morale and culture are all key areas in which companies seek to introduce change and are all areas in which EmpowerHR has successfully facilitated change initiatives to meet the requirements of our clients. We bring together and involve employees and key stakeholders when approaching any change initiative to ensure we have created a clear vision and secured buy-in to the change process.

Importance of Optimal Organisational Design

• Service delivery (client)
• Efficiency (cost/lean)
• Strategic alignment (competitiveness/growth)
• Integration (collaboration)
• Accountability (competence)

Key Elements of Organisational Design

Organisational Design