Health and Safety

Health and Safety in the Workplace

EmpowerHR offers advice on Health & Safety outsourcing in the workplace specifically to ensure your business and employees are safe. We provide a wide range of advice such as:

•Safety statement development and/or updates
•How to identify hazards and complete risk assessments for your business
•Brief your staff on all elements of the safety plan
•Health & Safety reporting – near-misses, incidents and accidents.

Why Health & Safety in the Workplace is so Important

Protecting Staff from Potential Injuries

EmpowerHR will identify potential hazards that you may have missed that could have led to a staff being injured further down the line.

Reduces Costs

Not only will you reduce costs in potential law suits, you will also reduce costs in terms of staff missing work. If a staff member gets injured in work, it could cost your company money in terms of hours, as the staff member won’t be able to work.

Healthy Workers are more Productive

Staff will be much more productive if there is a healthy and safety working environment, as they will be less stressed knowing that they are working in a safe environment.

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