Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Understanding what motivates your employees is key to engagement of your staff. Our employee engagement initiatives work on ensuring employees are motivated and focused to delivery of the business goals. We configure high quality

Engagement surveys

The engagement surveys are a great way to improve the processes in work that are currently in place. Sample questions would be things such as
1.Do you look forward to coming to work every day?
2.Does your boss inspire you?
3.If you could change one thing about the business, what would it be?
4.Do you feel valued?
5.Write down 3 prizes you would like for the employee of the month.

Once the survey results are analysed, we come back with a strategy which will improve employee motivation in the business.

Leadership development programmes

A businesses future depends on your staff and by selecting people who you feel are the next generation of leads for the business. EmplowerHR will provide a leadership development programme to help with selecting potential leaders, then assisting staff with their development such as giving them more responsibility, providing training programmes, college courses or by simply providing constant feedback.

Communications strategies

EmpowerHR will provide a good communication strategy that will be in place to improve employee engagement.

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