Facebook to create 200 new jobs at their HQ in Dublin

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Facebook to create 200 new jobs in Dublin – will employ 1,500 by end of 2016 Facebook is creating 200 new jobs at its international headquarters in Dublin. The company is introducing new R&D and business innovation centres that previously only existed at its Silicon Valley headquarters. Facebook, which already employs more than 1,300 people […]

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IKEA worker awarded €30K in Unfair dismissal

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http://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/ikea-pays-worker-30-000-in-unfair-dismissal-case-1.2569993 Man fired after drinking milkshake not paid for, Employment Appeals Tribunal hears     Looking for Human Consultants in Dublin? Visit our website today for a Human Resources Expert in Ireland. Make an appointment for a free health check. Source: HR Consultants Dublin | Human Resources Expert Ireland

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NHS manager awarded £832,711 by employment tribunal

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A former NHS manager awarded £832,711 after being sexually harassed by a colleague has said the “bad use of public money” could have been avoided. HR director Helen Marks rejected the sexual advances of the chairman of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust so he tried to get her sacked. Mrs Marks, who earned £99,907, said […]

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Employers can read private messages at work, court says

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EMPLOYERS can read private messages sent by workers via chat software and webmail at work, a court has ruled. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) said a company that read a worker’s Yahoo Messenger chats sent during work hours was within its rights. Judges said he had breached the company’s rules and that his […]

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Hospital consultants could be due millions in pay compensation | 

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Up to 2000 hospital consultants could be set to receive millions of euro in compensation over the HSE’s failure to honour a contract which included higher salaries. In 2008 new work practices were agreed which included treating more public patients. In return, the consultants were to receive more pay. The Irish Times reports that two […]

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Meat factory worker awarded €415k over ‘chronic’ back injury

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A meat factory worker has been awarded €415,000 by the High Court after he sued his employer over a back injury. Mohammed Ali Saleh, who was recruited from Egypt to work in Ireland, suffered a disc injury. He now walks with two crutches, is unable to work and has a miserable existence, a judge said. […]

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€255,000 award over alleged bullying of Special Needs Assistant overturned

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A €255,000 award over alleged bullying of a school special needs assistant has been overturned by the Court of Appeal. The High Court had made the award –of €140,276 for loss of past and future earnings and €115,000 general damages – to Una Ruffley, who worked in St Anne’s National School, The Curragh, Co Kildare. […]

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Workplace Relations Act 2015 explained

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The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC)  is an independent, statutory body which was established on 1st October 2015 under the Workplace Relations Act 2015 (No. 16 of 2015).    It assumes the roles and functions previously carried out by the National Employment Rights Authority (NERA), Equality Tribunal (ET), Labour Relations Commission (LRC), Rights Commissioners Service (RCS), and the […]

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Accruing annual leave while on sick leave

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From 1 October 2015, workers will be able to accrue annual leave when they are on long term sick leave.  The new legislation amends the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 to allow workers will be able to carryover suc h accrued annual leave for a period of 15 months after the leave year in question. The amendment […]

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ECJ rules travel time is working time – what that means for Irish employers?

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  Following a case taken by security company Tyco in Spain – the European Court of Justice has ruled that travel time is working time for employees with no fixed base.  Although this is a Spanish case, it is covered under the EU Working Time Directive – it is therefore expected to affect workers across […]

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